Dobrovolný svazek znojemských vinařkých obcí

Welcome to Nový Šaldorf – Sedlešovice

About village Nový Šaldorf – Sedlešovice

When you arrive to Nový Šaldorf – Sedlešovice, you actually visit three villages at the same time: Starý Šaldorf, Nový Šaldorf and Sedlešovice. All of these villages – now part of one – were formed on fords across the river Dyje. Local wine cedllars are dug in the sandstone layers, imbued with blue-grey clay. Location with „blue“ cellars occupies an area of 9 ha with more than 180 wine cellars.

The village Nový Šaldorf – Sedlešovice is an excellent tourist destination. Ou will have no problems to find accomodation (in hotel, guest house or camp), you can have a good meal at the renowned Wine Restaurant Blanka. About possibilities of wine tasting and good sitting suggests the already mentioned 180 wine cellars. The village is a good starting point for cycling, hiking (proximity of National park Podýjí) and autotourism (nearby border to Austria in Hnanice).

Historical monuments in the village Nový Šaldorf – Sedlešovice

Gothic pillar – was built in the early 16th century as a memorial of extensive flooding in the village. After the First World War were set up another two pillars with the names of fallen soldiers.

„Blue cellars“ – is the name of the entire area of 9 ha, with 181 wine cellars and grape press plants.