Dobrovolný svazek znojemských vinařkých obcí

Welcome to Chvalovice

About village Chvalovice

Chvalovice is a wine village in the south of Znojmo district, 8 km south from Znojmo on the border with Austria. Through the village flows stream called Daníž. The village is a founding member of the Daníž association. Local pond was reconstructed, was created bio-corridor along the pond and the rocky path leading to the wine cellars. Its part is also educational park. For children was build a large amusement park.

Historical monuments of the village Chvalovice

The church of St. Margareth – founded around the year 1500.

The marian pillar with the sculpture of the Piety by the church.

St. Jan Nepomuk
St. Florian
Statue of Madona

The chateau – is a protected cultural monument. It is currently used a guesthouse and a restaurant.


Land liberation monument from 1945