Dobrovolný svazek znojemských vinařkých obcí


About Daníž

The origin of the voluntary association of Znojmo wine-growing villages Daníž

Daníž was founded in 1999 when some of thw Znojmo wine-growing villages united into an association in order to implement the Program or countryside renewal, the development of wineries and collective promotion of villages. The basic document is development project entitled „Sustainable development of the Daníž microregion“, from which association Daniž is based on when planning their activities. The  Daníž Association provides a  guarantee of continued existence and exploitation of project results in the long term. The founding members were 6 villages situated on the river Daníž. In 2000 The  Daníž  association expanded to include  of almost all of the wine-growing villages in the Znojmo region. Today the association has 35 members.

Microregion strategy

The common goal of the  Daníž association is to create conditions for the expansion and improvement of viticulture and friendly tourism, including the expansion of contacts with villages in Austria. The economic goal is to reduce high unemployment in the region. At the same time are also considered other objectives, such as the revitalization of landscape, nature protection, development of technical infrastructure, civic amenities, preservation of local culture, expansion of collective promotion, support for civil society development, especially support of nongovernmental organizations.

Strategy and long-term goals

  •  Maintaining and resumption of rural development character
  •  Creation of conditions for businesses in the reconstruction of derelict garm buildings – grape press plants and cellars
  •  Creating new job opportunities
  •  Creating conditions for the development of market of local traditional sales of wine production
  •  Creating conditions for rural development of wine tourism
  •  Creating conditions for further activities of the federal life

The main goals of the assocition Daníž

  •  Preservation and restoration of villages and their own image
  •  Development of local cultural and social traditions
  •  In each village creating conditions to fullfill the integrated strategy of the association
  •  Creating conditions for the development of wineries and wine tourism services, business development, arrangements to revitalize the countryside, the development of civil society and improving quality of life of local people and thus their stabilization

The existing program joint solution from 1998 to 2003 designated the priority goals to support the development of wineries and wine tourism and thus supporting the initiative and further business development within the association, as well as arrangements to revitalize rural communities and landscapes in the region, support the development of civil society – assosiations, clubs etc., expansion of collective promotion of membership villages.