Dobrovolný svazek znojemských vinařkých obcí

Welcome to Horní Dunajovice

About village Horní Dunajovice

About the rich history of the village and tradition of wine growing in Horní Dunajovice shows document from 1386, when one of the wealthy Znojmo reeves bought „a village with fields, forest, fortress and vineyards.

One of the curiosity of the village is leaning church tower – you would not find a tower with a larger deviation from the vertical in the Czech Republic. As enclosed information board says, the important buildings in the village includes the rectory, school, chapel, cemetery, pilgrimage place called Rybnice.

Historical monuments in the village Horní Dunajovice

Parish church of the Holy Trinity – 26 m high church tower was already in 1783. The instability is attributed to the underground passages, which should lead all the way to Žerotice and also towards Mikulovice: in Czech Republic this tower has the largest displacement from the vertical – 1 meter.

The rectory – built in 1768

Domčice chapel

Water fortress – it is at the center of the village. The fortress was later converted into a granary. It was surrounded by ramparts filled with water.

Irrigation tank