Dobrovolný svazek znojemských vinařkých obcí

Welcome to Havraníky

About village Havraníky

Havraníky is ancient village. The first mention is from 1229. In this village has always been successfull winegrowing and thats why it also has a wine grapes in the emblem of the village. Havraníky were in 1269 already part of the property of wealthy monastery Louka by Znojmo, which belonged to the Premonstratensian order. In 1991, when a national park Podyjí was declared, Havraníky were included among the 12 villages belonging to the protected area of National Park Podyjí.

Historical monuments of the village Havraníky

Parish Church of St. Linhart (Leonhardt)

Old cemetery

Sculpture of parting Christ with the virgin Mary. It dates back to 1747and is located near the chuch
Baroque statue of St. Jan Nepomuk. It dates back to the 18th century.
Baroque statue of St. Florian. It dates back to 1767.

Nature monuments

Havraníky heath – Over 100 hectares of steppe with rare thermophilous flora and fauna. Heath growths unique in Europe, growing on dry and warm habitat. Abundant occurrence of rare and protected species (great pasque flower, purple mullein, sandy everlasting, the feather-grass Stipa Ioannis, praying mantis, the ladybird spider Eresus niger, hoopoe, ortolan bunting).