Dobrovolný svazek znojemských vinařkých obcí

Welcome to Božice

About village Božice

The village Božice is one of the oldest villages in the southeast of Znojmo district. Large part of the village is situated in the wide fertile river floodplain Jevišovka.

Historical monuments of the village Božice

The chateau – today is used as retirement home.

The pond – the newly recultivated pond is located near the railway station and is a destination of tourists and fishermen.

Wetlands by Božice – local bio-corridor, an important landscape element with a specific flora and fauna (natural pools and small lakes with trees and other plants suitable for the development of wetland fauna and wetland vegetation).

The forest park – the village surroundings is a key area in terms of possible rescue of many critically endangered bird species (Great Bustard, Tawny Pipit etc.).