Dobrovolný svazek znojemských vinařkých obcí


Humanitarian collection in Dobšice

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The village Dobšice in cooperation with Diakonie Broumov



  • Summer and winter clothing /ladies, men, children/
  • Bedding, sheets, towels, curtains,
  • Fabrics (minimum 1m2, please do not give us cuttings and fabric residues)
  • Household utensils – white and black dishes, glasses – all undamaged
  • Quilts, pillows and blankets
  • Shoes – all intact
  • Toys – undamaged and complete

Things we can not take:

  • Refrigerators, televisions, computers and other electronics, mattresses, carpets – for environmental reasons
  • Furniture, bicycles and baby carriages – those would be destroyed during the transport
  • Dirty and wet textiles

The collection will take place:

On Friday 26th October 2012
between 3pm and 6pm
in the local Sokol Hall

Please wrap up all things in plastic bags or boxes to avoid damage during the transport.

Thank you for your help.

Here is the poster.